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Western Intake Partnership

Phase 2 of Geotechnical Subsurface Investigation Work for Proposed Regional Water Treatment Facility to Begin Mid-March

Posted: 3/12/24

As part of the ongoing planning process for the Western Intake Partner's (WIP) Jordan Lake Water Supply Project, project team members will conduct a second phase of Geotechnical Subsurface Investigations at the proposed Regional Water Treatment Facility site near the intersection of Seaforth Road and North Pea Ridge Road. This work follows a preliminary geotechnical investigational work that was conducted in 2022.

As part of this Geotechnical Subsurface Investigational work, the project team will conduct drilling and sampling at various locations on the proposed Regional Water Treatment Facility site. Drilling equipment will be used to extract soil and rock samples at different depths below the ground surface. These soil and rock samples, which will be analyzed in a laboratory following collection and will provide important information about the subsurface materials, including the type of soils and rocks at different depths along the proposed pipeline routes.

This work is tentatively set to begin this Thursday, March 14, and is expected to last for 4-5 weeks, weather permitting. There will be no traffic or recreational impacts on local roadways. Our project team will start by conducting site preparation work to clear a path for the drill rig to reach the soil boring locations, and then move on to the drilling and sample collection. All activities will be limited to weekdays 7AM – 5PM (no weekend work).

This is critical information that our project team needs to know to continue moving forward with the water treatment facility design process. Understanding the soil and rock compositions and properties at various underground depths around the site will help our project team understand the existing underground conditions' stability, load-bearing capabilities, and drainage characteristics.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Western Intake Partners by email or by phone at (919) 379-5774.